Flying solo

This week my sis and brother were gone all week, so I had no one to play with and no one to visit the goats with! They come back soon though. They have both been super busy with school though, which means less play time and more serious Beans! Serious Beans has never appeared, but I need to get focused so they can be focused and realize what’s more important… Me!!!

Going back to Cali….

Two weekends ago we were in California for my siblings spring break! We went there because we have so much family there! And JACKSON!!!!!! Jackson is my favorite play buddy/tormentor, he is also my mom’s son. Sissy took a lot of photos of me and some others for her secret project! The secret project will be revealed on Sunday!

The opposite of sleep!

On Tuesday night I was at the city house. I woke up a lot in the night barking at some things I thought were threatening me and my territory. They were probably just leaves blowing or a street light turning on and off.   But I was really noisy and no one got any sleep that night!

More sleep and a little fun

On Monday night I got to sleep some more. But then, once I woke up, sissy had to go to cheer. When she got back she had some ice cream and milk (like always) then we played with the octopus toy that I got for my birthday. Then we all went to bed. I slept in again and then me and mommy packed for the Raleigh house!

Sleeping in!

This past Sunday I got to spend the night watching tv with my sister and brother while my parents were at a charity dinner. Monday morning I was a tired puppy from spending some of the weekend in the city house and didn’t get up for the early morning car ride with sissy, then I had some breakfast and went back to sleep.   I am not an earlier riser!

Silly peeps and other weekend highlights

On Saturday morning my sister had another photography class. So I had to stay home alone… again.  But when they got back, we headed home to my country house. Then we all had dinner and played Clue! (I like to sit in the box lid during the game).   Katie won again, but only because she had a whole box of peeps!   They make her silly!!

Keeping watch in Raleigh

This weekend I got to see my sister and brother again!  But then they left me in Raleigh all alone to go and see Maggie, my dog cousin and her owners. I could smell her when they came back!

But when they were back we had a blast! Playing and chasing and then we all went to sleep… Except me, because I have to stay awake all night at the Raleigh house to keep watch out the front window

Visiting Dr. April

Last week I went to the vet.   But I actually love going to the vet.  I really don’t understand why other dogs don’t.   I get to see other friends and I get to see my favorite doggie doctor, Dr. April.   I had my blood taken and tested and I am all good!

After the vet I was feeling a little funky, until sissy started playing with me!  We played with all my toys and when we were done, she had to clean them all up!

The Steves

In my last blog I talked about all of the goats. So, since one of the goats is named Steve Jr., you are probably wondering who the original Steve is.

Let me tell you about one time that me and my family went to Rise in Raleigh.  We were eating outside and my sister Katie gave some of her biscuit to a pigeon.  She made friends with him and named him Steve. So Steve the pigeon and Steve Jr. the goat are distant relatives.   We see Steve the pigeon almost every time we go to Rise.

My neighbors the goats

This weekend I got to go see the goats in my neighborhood! My sister named them all… Concussion, Head butt, Helmet, Steve Jr., and my favorite, Little Bob! They all love animal crackers, and I only eat animal crackers when I’m with them because I’m a picky puppy!